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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World Cultural


The German-language document you may find here!

The lost Time must now already be compensated accordingly!

We take care of everything that can be achieved with sceptre and diligence.

No matter whether private, commercial or public institutions. The cudgel of my person rightly smashes everything that will stand in its way!

Do you still have Questions?

Here are the most frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers.

If your question is not included, you are also welcome to contact your respective city office directly!

Q: How do I decide on a cultural trip?

A: By informing myself about a culture and about the living situation of the people of a country and by showing an interest in it.

Q: Which of the countries fits best?

A: Language skills are a very important clue for some travellers, but not a condition for choosing a trip. The interest and the time period allowed should be paramount in deciding on a cultural trip.

Q: What happens if my facility is destroyed?

A: Nothing. Then you can still be glad that you are still alive!

Q: How do we agree on a travel date?

A: This is something that the respective ambassadors of all master countries, as the called managers of the end times, must settle among themselves and pass on to the tour operators.

Q: Why do I, as a Christian, have to have my rolling luggage converted and carry it myself on my travels?

A: Because my person has had to carry a much too heavy package for more than 34 years, even when my person travelled all over Europe by train or by plane and was sometimes treated inconsiderately to unfairly on the trips.

This is how all Christians worldwide learn best to bear their own cross and the big crosses of others!

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