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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World Cultural



The Real World-Cultural-Heritage

​Das Weltkulturerbe

Ursula Empress

As CC List To All People!

To theCatholic Academy in Hamburg

And to the Health Inspectorate Luebeck

Luebeck, 13 September 2000

Free English translation on 15 October 2021.

This letter is already almost 15 years old and has already received its confirmation through the number of increasing modern illnesses worldwide. Likewise, through the behaviour and confusion of the citizens of my hometown, confirmation has been recognisably given in the matter and in the order!

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Farmers' Associations and Fisheries, Plantation Owners and Veterinarians

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Dear Sirs,

Today your Empress bought a smoked kipper (smoked herring) for lunch, which almost melted and disintegrated. Your Empress will not be the only housewife who has noticed that you buy lead and other heavy metals with it, especially when you prepare fish dishes.

Not only the dental fillings in the mouth, which are noticeable with certain stomach acids or other reaction agents, but also the animal hormones, which come into the human organism from animal products as food and promote growth, can be seen especially in the large feet of many young girls*.

The potatoes are partly green-blue and violet coloured, probably due to the phosphate fertilisers. With the necessary medicines that people then have to take at some point, you turn the human body into a small chemical factory.

One can only hope that a farmer or plantation owner is even aware of this fact and responsibility and will realise that heads will roll. It will look even worse in the processing and handling industry.

The use of any kind of hormones is particularly serious according to your Empress, and the pill is one of them. As you should surely have realised by now, we all have to be obedient together and work in one direction*, towards a certain common goal, which surely the Emperor and the King will be able to confirm to us.

It is a matter of taking the right steps in the right direction and making it a great once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale for all those who are allowed to stay, and in the quickest and shortest possible time.

For many others who have to leave, the fairy tale shall also come true and for those who belong to the devil, it shall also come true. Only through diligence, commitment, intellect and effort can the whole* succeed. For this we need very clear concepts and regulations, which for the time being have to be worked out by people.

However, the right leadership with good teams (e. g. ambassadors and diplomats) is the first and most important matter; it is the prerequisite for success. If the medicines have to be stopped and cut back, then you should know that the fertilisers, growing mediums, veterinary medicines, insecticides and all other manipulatives that attack and destroy the natural ecological cycle are now at stake.

This means for every farmer and plantation owner that he will face crop failure and bankruptcy and he will know that his cattle and pig population will shrink. Right here with the farmer you may let the prices go up, because healthy food without almost any kind of chemicals costs money.

Good for him who has rented an allotment. Basically, your Empress would like to point out to you that meat, i. e. products from dead animals, is only meant as a side dish and should not be available for everyone to eat their fill. Even fish, which however was intended in greater abundance, is a side dish to a flour, potato or rice dish.

Products from living animals cannot be available in this quantity for the individual, but the human organism needs milk, fat and protein products for a healthy diet according to the knowledge of your Empress. Vegetables and fruit are also needed, but also in smaller quantities for the individual and are to be produced without chemical additives.

Cereals should also not be artificially grafted to achieve certain goals, because if the non-grafted variety is attacked by these pests, then the grafted variety will be attacked by other pests; this only changes the chemical and nothing else, because nature cannot be conquered.

The alternative to fertilisers is, for example, the "clean" cattle and horse manure as well as a normal ecological manure pile with eggshells collected from vegetable waste. The eco-waste collectors for every allotment gardener, farmer and fruit and vegetable grower* are simply priceless if the waste will not contain any pollutants.

And so you start the procedure in consultation with the farmers' associations and farmers worldwide*, because they should get work and workers who have the desire and interest to work in agriculture, perhaps to manage a farm themselves one day.

There are different ways to destroy insects and pests ecologically or to keep them in check, for example nettle water or properly used onions. For this you need labour, people who still want to bend down and work honestly.

Every proper housewife should actually know that an apple that has a worm or is otherwise not so appetisingly shiny must be healthy. The same applies to vegetables. Even the exotic fruits that come from far away will have to be expensive, because the transport costs money; money that no one can afford any more! The means of transport such as electricity, petrol, oil and fuel gases for aeroplanes must be allocated very precisely and used for restructuring in the poorest countries of the world* and for official travellers* (tourists).

Every day you squander these substances and no one can say anymore exactly how far you may still go and how far you will still be able to stretch the situation. You have never learned to draw a line and obey, especially if you have to cut back in the process; but you will have no choice at all.

The sooner you realise it, the more likely it is that a pretty big fairy tale can come true.

The longer you allow yourselves to be served by my person and prevent me from carrying out my activity abroad, the smaller the probability that it will succeed. This is a clear statement and applies equally to the person of the King and to the Emperor, who will also lack time if you continue to sleep!* So that you know what the matter and the order is about, I would also like to inform you that various animal species, fruits and spices as well as plants and herbs will probably "disappear", especially in the exotic area. (Vermin included)*

If this is true, it will be due to my and other people's work abroad (holidaymakers)* (Also retroactively)*, because I am not a botanist and not an animal lover. Unfortunately, wood, i. e. trees, have become rather scarce. Wood is actually one of the healthiest and most practical building materials for a house, meant for humans, on God's earth.

Your additional homework:

Who is responsible for this major planning and later for the practical implementation?

Who is responsible for the wholesale restructuring and wholesale dismantling/ wholesale construction*?

Who is responsible for all cultures and the vicious circle?

Do the areas of responsibility merge or are they sharply demarcated?

How will people be able to be healthy and families live in the future?

Do you know who lived in Rosenweg No. (alias 34 and No. 35, now 69 and No. 70), in Hohewarte I, in

Luebeck and what kind of housing estate it is? 

(Answer: My family/ An allotment)*  P. p.  

HP: Turkey meat and turkey sausage is not meat for consumption according to your Empress; perhaps because I did not know it as a child or it has no taste of its own; moreover, it has usually been heavily hormonally treated*, which can now indirectly also be said of the cultivation soil and animal feed*.

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